We create new businesses and renew existing ones within food cluster in the Nordic countries.

FPI Partners Ltd

The operational environment of food industry, primary production and grocery trade is changing. This change forces companies in food value chain to meet new requirements, but also provides them with unforeseen opportunities.

FPI Partners is the food value chain transformer: we discover opportunities, develop operational models suitable for those and make it happen in real life.

We have versatile experience from reorganizations as well as developing business models and implementation projects. We know our sales and marketing, R&D, innovations and immaterial property development and utilization. We work in close cooperation with the best within food industry and trade as well as universities and research institutes. We are constantly looking for new disruptive projects, companies in change and breakthrough innovations.



Marko Saapunki

M.Sc. (Econ)

Marko Saapunki has been working for major FMCG companies for 10 years and after that 15 years as an early stage investor, start-up developer and consultant. His main areas of expertise are strategy development, sales management and commercialization of innovations.

Juha Venho

M.Sc. (Tech)

Juha Venho’s focus areas are strategies, structural evolution and change management. He has worked as a board member, interim manager and in different consulting roles especially in machinery industry, service industry and start-ups. He also has a wide international experience of restructuring and developing food companies.

Heikki Järvensivu

M.Sc. (Tech), M.Sc. (Econ)

Heikki Järvensivu has been working as a consultant for over 40 years. His focus areas are strategy and structures, organizational evolution, management practices and resources, turnaround projects and reorganizations. His areas of expertise are retail and hotels-restaurants-catering.

Minna Isotupa

M.Sc. (Food chemistry)

Minna Isotupa has over 10 years of experience of working on various projects in food industry that connect research and commercialization. Her main areas of expertise are consumer and market insights, trends and concept development.

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